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April 17, 2011


Emotional Cheating

Leaders aren't generally the smartest people in the world. But they know how to make the most of the people around them. And they aren't afraid to make mistakes because they know if they do, they'll learn from it and become a better leader because of it. They take risks and grow.


Andi Roberts

Learning agility is a key competence at all levels in any organisation. The process of going through the leadership challenge is a key way of developing this competence.

Andi Roberts

Leadership Development

Leaders are the best learners...never really looked at it like this before, but I guess this is true. They have to learn about their own personality, and how this has an impact on those around them.

HHO Fuel

Show me a man that says he is a leader but isn't growing and I will show you a man that is without any leadership skills whatsoever.

Alexander Tiedemann

Precisely! A successful leader needs to be knowledgeable in order to become successful. But a leader must also absorb things and learn while at the cusp of leadership to better understand situations and people.

novasure arizona

You showed us the right path.Im so thankful on you.


showing right path is good, but to be leader you must be born as a leader!

Terry Barnhart

All leaders are born, just as are all people. Leadership skills can be learned, but they must be applied.

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