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November 18, 2009


Anissa Stein

I would be very interested in a TLC Coaching Workshop. I highly recommend TLC book to everyone I know and would love the advantage of learning more from a coaching perspective as I am a leadership coach with my own company. Thank you!

Jerry Gray

A coaching workshop would be fantastic! I work part-time as a leadership development pastor at a multi-site church. We are presently thinking of ways to incorporate TLC as a core leadership training curriculum for all of our leaders. Would love to talk with someone about TLC in the non-profit/church environment. jerrygray@seacoast.org

May Cuevas

The TLC Coaching Workshop would complete the TLC Journey! When is it ready?

Stephen Opoku Asare

I love this newsletter
Please sign me up for the newsletter

Renaissance Dresses

This is great workshop for those who aspire to become a good and effective leader

Account Deleted

I would definitely be interested in the TLC workshop. After all leading at the edge means playing to win as an individual, as a team, and as an organization. Companies that create a leadership development culture excel because they become talent magnets by always providing people with opportunities to learn, grow, and build leadership competencies. Regardless of their professional and organizational roles, all top leaders must understand how leadership, culture, and operational effectiveness are closely intertwined to achieve outstanding results. Drawing on the latest studies of high performance leadership from the world of business, sports, education, hostage negotiation, music, theater, and personal achievement, we will translate this cutting-edge knowledge to the real world of leading especially in times of change and transformation. At the IMD OWP 2010 you will learn what leaders in the top companies, who are known for their outstanding leadership cultures, do so successfully to continue leading at the edge.

L. B.

I'm not sure if my comment is given to the right place. But I urgently need a workshop, seminar on leadership and communication skills.
I will appreciate your direction for beginners and business woman.

bpc consulting

I truly believe in that saying. Makes us more positive.

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