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May 02, 2008


Daren Blonski

As the old saying goes, "A prophet is without honor in his or her own land." The environment creates opportunity for leadership. But it is the leader that must be prepared. Proper preparation and the proper situation go hand and hand when it comes to leadership.

Challenge surfaces those who have prepared to lead; whether the leader has conciously prepared or has been uncounciously conditioned.

Magdy Karam

"The Challenge" creates a leader within the context of the challenge. That is my opinion. I have seen "leaders" who manage to do a good job in "leading" a team in a game which they have mastered over the years, but are "followers" with very little initiative and creativity when it comes to business arenas that they feel less comfortable with.
Magdy Karam

Austin SEO

I think this book is great! I gotta have it. Definitely challenge matters. It will show more on what each person can do, and also it enhances your talent.

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