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October 08, 2007



They say everything happens for a reason - this morning presented two key parallels. I just updated my own blogg and I've begun the process of documenting exercises I find useful as a means to communicate with others. I would like to Thank The Leadership Challenge (TLC) for posting Tips & Techniques as they offer a brilliant opportunity to expand program offerings. I operate a leadership program where horses are the metaphor for leadership learning. TLC has been an inspiration & a guide. The Leader's Walk of Trust offered by C.Haptonstall was the perfect background for an activity we do with the horses - where people's non-verbal communication often speaks louder than words. People truly have to Walk the Talk.


Hello Ms. Lowery,
I really appreciate your sharing of your application of this trust walk exercise. Non verbal behavior is more powerful than we sometimes realize, and some studies suggest it to be more than 50% of how the meaning in communication is transmitted. Keep up the great work as you appear to be a true Leadership development champion! Craig

Sue Mitten

Does anyone have experience with using the LEadership Practices in public sector corrections field?

I'm interested in being able to share these expereinces with some middle managers Im working with from the Corrections field. Thanks
Please email

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